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Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find some of the questions that we are most commonly asked, and their answers.

  • Question 1

    Birds are returned to the bird box and mice are returned to the Mousehole Shed.

  • Question 2

    A. Yes. All the birds and mice on the board can be in play at the same time.

  • Question 3

    Try moving birds and mice away from cats that don’t have one. You can use your bird and mice cards to have ‘CAT FIGHTS’ and to move a bird or mouse out of a cats' larder using the ‘6 BIRD OR MOUSE CARDS’ rule. If all the birds and mice are in larders and you play a bird or mouse card, simply pick up a card from the Mog pile and move nothing.

  • Question 4

    A cat can only pick a Cat Fight as the 'Play a Mog card’ phase of a turn, or when instructed by a Curiosity card to ‘Play another Mog card’.

  • Question 5

    If you land on a Curiosity square, regardless of how you got there, you pick up a Curiosity card.

  • Question 6

    If a cat returns to its Home square or garden by any means, any cat in that cats garden is ‘Caught trespassing’.

  • Question 7

    A ‘CAT FIGHT’ is the same principle as playing a Cat attack card. If a cat is no more than 6 squares away, you can declare a ‘CAT FIGHT’, but instead of automatically winning, as with a Cat Attack card, follow the ‘CAT FIGHT’ rules. See ‘ATTACKING A CAT, BIRD OR MOUSE’ to attack a cat with a cat card or the dice.

  • Question 8

    You must return to your Home square with the exact throw of the dice, not by being sent home. If you are sent home to a full larder, you must leave your home and return to your home square with the correct value dice. i.e. if you are 4 squares away you must throw a 4.

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